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Since 2001, Dr. Pizzorno has led, Salugenecists Inc., which develops science-based, artificial intelligence-aided advice systems that provide personalized health promotion and self-care guidance. This “Smart Tool” has provided impressive statistics improving individual health scores and lowering disease risk for the past four years of tracking with over 20,000 individuals in the corporate wellness area. Dr. Pizzorno partnered with Village Green Apothecary for the exciting new expansion into the consumer space and connecting physicians with their patients through IQYOU.  IQYOU will mark the next leading-edge advancement to change personalized health and healthcare for every consumer.

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Jr.  ND

Dr. Pizzorno is one of the world's leading authorities on science-based natural medicine. Dr. Pizzorno is the founding president of Bastyr University, which became the first fully accredited, multidisciplinary university of natural medicine and the first school of its kind to receive research funding from the National Institutes of Health

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, which sold over 2 million copies, co-authored by Dr. Pizzorno and Dr. Michael T. Murray, became the go-to book for integrative and functional healing doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists from around the world.

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"From the world-renowned naturopathic doctors and
bestselling authors of The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods comes the authoritative third edition of the classic reference work, revised and expanded to include the latest cutting-edge natural therapies for the most common ailments. Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno focus on promoting health and treating disease with nontoxic, natural therapies. This groundbreaking book--the leader in its field--shows you how to improve your health through a positive mental attitude, a healthy lifestyle, a health-promoting diet, and supplements, along with plenty of practical tips.

- Harold Cameron

An indispensable, easy-to-read reference book written by one of
America's most iconic naturopaths. Dr. Joe Pizzorno founded the nation's foremost school of science-based naturopathic medicine, and this book reflects his passion for sharing knowledge. Worth it's weight in gold, and that's saying a lot for a book with over 1,200 pages!

- @Explorer360

This is one of those truly great
references every household should have. I have used many of the solutions proposed in this reference with great results. I have also verified the ones I have used prior to using them with best medical institutions on the planet such as NIH. Johns Hopkins, etc. and they all check out. There is no voodoo or conjectures in this volume. These are time-tested and backed by scientific research/papers; solid evidence based science here.

- Kabir

A comprehensive guide and great
resource about nutrition and health and natural remedies for many health ailments. It's not a book you would read cover-to-cover, although some of the chapters about common health issues are quite insightful. Book contains everything from sinus infections, gout, endometriosis and cancers, etc. Very practical advice with traditional and homeopathic/natural treatment methods.

- Kat A

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